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I Think It Is Time To Be Happy- Jacob M. Smith

As a global Peace Ambassador and Humanitarian for 20+ years....Jacob M. Smith is committed to elevating the emotional intelligence of people, combating violence, creating internal peace, facilitating conflict resolution, converting anger-to-positive-action, community building and identifying mental homelessness.

Jacob M. Smith helped decreased New York City violence, nationwide gang violence and facilitated peace and reconciliation amoungst Los Angeles, Chicago, the Southern Region, Bosia, Cambodian, African, Latin American, Asian, and Caucasian groups, resulting in improved communication, understanding, relationships and peace.

Jacob M. Smith unleash the mental chains holding people in survival-mode, to shift them into thriving in life.

Jacob M. Smith challenged his mindset to view life as a set of needed events, preparing him for greater opportunities.

Now, Jacob M. Smith wants to assist you in your sur-thrival journey towards emotional intelligence.

1. What Is Survival?   The act of surviving, especially under adverse circumstances.

2. What Is Thriving?   To prosper; be fortunate or successful.

3. What Is Sur-Thrival?   A self-defined term that combines the act of internally surviving and externally thriving, which creates mix life practices and results, leaving an absence of peace in ones life.

Jacob M. Smith is educated in Expeditionary Education from NYC Outward Bound School, in association with the Univ. Southern Maine and certified in Community Organizing and Racial Justice from Midwest Academy in Chicago, Il.

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