The Facilitation Process

  1. 1. The Physical Environment
    The Jay Metaphor Method enters a place and quickly assess the physical environment to determine which materials are tools for metaphor teaching.
  2. 2. The Thought Process
    The Jay Metaphor Method facilitates conversations with client's to gain a sense of their thought process.
  3. 3. Information Gathering
    The Jay Metaphor Method gathers key information to map out the strategy for delivering specific metaphors to clients.
  4. 4. Client Service Difference
    The Jay Metaphor Method makes clear the experience does not provide Therapy or counseling.
  5. 5. Transfer of Thought
    The Jay Metaphor Method stay current by using needed materials as a guide for shifting client's thinking from negativity to peace.
  6. 6. Conversational Focus Points
    The Jay Metaphor Method closes each session with areas of focus to help the client's utilize consistent emotional intelligence.