The Jay Metaphor Method

Become Who You Are- Jacob M. Smith


Each Jay Metaphor Method is facilitated over 2-6 days with the goal of increasing the areas of self-awareness- the ability to recognize an emotion as it happens. Self-regulation- identifying and handling when you experience emotions. Motivation- motivating yourself for achievements with clear goals and a positive attitude. Empathy- recognizing how people feel about their life and career. Social skills- developing good interpersonal awareness that helps you succeed in life and career. 

Additional focus is in identifying and building communities that supports persoanl growth. Learning to appreciate the journey of life through gradtitude. Identifying blessings in any situation. Connecting you to nature to help you get centered. Keeping you focus through adversity. Being your best self. Slowing life down through reflection. Creating a vision for your life. Shifting negative thinking in real-time . Shifting anger to positive action.


1. Improved Communication- designed for listerning more and talking less.

2. Self-Discovery- regarding the tiggers resulting in out-of-pocket behaviors.

3. Increased Emotional Intelligence- designed to elevate things in your life to the next level.

4. Narrow Implementation- that singularly points you toward the path of increased emotional intelligence.

5. Ongoing Management- that continued life support (from Jay) during your emotional intelligence journey.