Who Is Jacob M. Smith

You Have To See Yourself In Order To See Your Elevation- Jacob M. Smith

Called an empowered Empath (a hypersensitive person who experience a high level of compassion, consideration, and understanding towards others), Jacob M. Smith (Jay) is a Universal Peace Federation (Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council) Peace Ambassador, Reebok Human Rights & Humanitarian Award Nominee, Emmy Award Nominee, Bronze Apple Media Award Winner, TEDx Moderator, Public Speaker, Certified Expeditionary Educator, Certified Midwest Academy Community Organizer, Chairman of Common Sensibly and Founder, Nickle Capital.


Born in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and early in Jacob's  life, peace was a spiritual component safely secured within the infrastructure of the Jehovah's Witnesses practice. With both parents being Jehovah's Witnesses, Jacob found himself immersed in family, friends, love and lots of fun.   

At 15 years of age, that all changed when Jacob lost his mother to cancer. As a result, Jacob became consumed with such a depth of anger.....it fueled the creation of a "I'm taking mines" mentality. 

Couple that experience with him nearly losing his own life on the streets after being stabbed four times and shot once, he took it upon himself to elevate his emotional intelligence by de-fusing anger through peace.

Undoubtedly, to Jacob, this meant that peace started in the heart and transfers into the actions we take, which facilitates a life of continous thriving.

BarOn “Emotional Quotient Inventory” Report – Developed by Reuven Bar-On, Ph.D. and conducted by Professor Jovi Brown – November 3, 2009.

The report scores Jacob M. Smith’s total EQ from 50 (very much below average) to 150 (very much above average) with Jacob M. Smith scoring high in the key areas of flexibility (136), interpersonal relationships (126), and emotional self-awareness (128).

The report is intended for review to require an in-depth analysis into understanding Jacob M. Smith’s emotional intelligence skills. It is a tool to help guide assessment and provide direction for the initiation of Jacob's Jay Metaphor Method services.

Jacob M. Smith can provide you with the EQ report at your request.

Jacob's Competencies Evaluation

Disclaimer | The Jay Metaphor Method is "NOT" a therapy practice. The Jay Metaphor Method does "NOT" provide therapy to any individuals and/or groups. The Jay Metaphor Method does provide emotional intelligence awareness.

All client personal, professional information and service metaphors are strictly confidential!

Upon request, Jacob signs Non-Disclosure Agreements!

Jacob In The Media

  1. Managing Director
    WABC Channel 7 New York
  2. Managing Director
    CNN New York
  3. Managing Director
    Youtube New York
  4. Managing Director
    New York News 1
  5. Managing Director
    WBBM TV Chicago
  6. Managing Director
    TEDx New York
  7. Managing Director
    HOT 97 New York
  8. Managing Director
    WBAI New York
  9. Managing Director
    Soundcloud New York
  10. Managing Director
    Blog Talk Radio New York
  11. Managing Director
    Bruce Hurwitz Presents New York
  12. Managing Director
    Black Enterprise Magazine New York